Recently a friend of mine told me that I do not post enough recipes on my blog…and she is absolutely right!  And this person is a fellow nurse who I respect a lot.  When I was in my fourth year of nursing school, she was in her first and if it was not for her I do not know if I would have managed to graduate. Being a student nurse is the most difficult experience one can ever have, it is so stressful and at times you feel so helpless and worthless that it can not be quantified.

Even though Cyrita was just starting out, she was already confident and strong and I knew she would make a fine nurse. She is calm and she knows what she is doing. And Cy, if you are reading this now I want to take this oppurtunity, 4 years later, to thank-you for how much you helped me that summer.

What does all this have to do with cuisine? Well if I remember correctly, Cyrita is a vegetarian and I have a lovely veggie dish which can be taken to work and heated up. I roasted some carrots, marrows, aubergines and onions in the over with a little water and olive oil. I cooked them at a high heat for 20mins, fan assisted, brought them out, gave them a stir and added a little curry powder and tumeric and put them back in the oven for 15 mins. I added some chickpeas and couscous and it was absolutely delicious!

And once again, I thank-you for having supported me at one of the worst moments of my life, when I thought my world and my carreer was crumbling around me. You and some others really helped me pull through. If this post embarrasses you, or bothers you, I will delete it. I hope it does not, because it truly comes from the heart. I hope there will be many more nurses in the future like you.