I am not a big fan of quiche. However, when made properly it is tasty and a bit of a change to my usually eastern influenced or italian cuisine. I was off today and decdided to get my hands dirty and make some puff pastry and the result was quite delectable.

Quiche Lorraine is not typically French, it started out in Germany. And there is no actual, physical Lorraine, it is a part of France where the idea of adding some bacon and cheese to the egg mix needed for the dish originated.

So, all is needed for this dish is 4 beaten eggs, 2 tblspoons of milk, some grated cheese and 4 rashers of bacon. Roll out the pastry, line a rectangular or round tin with it. The pastry needs to be baked on its own first, or blind-baked because it takes longer to cook than the egg mix. So that it doesn’t puff up or shrink in the oven, line the raw dough with greaseproof paper, pour some rice on it to weigh it down and pop it in the oven at fan assisted 200 for 15 mins. When the time is up, discard the paper and rice, pour in egg mix, cheese and bacon and bake for a further 20 mins or until the egg isn’t liquidy any more. What makes it quiche Marie rather than Lorraine? I added an onion to the egg mix, for good measure. Or bad breath, you decided.  

Au revoir, Lorraine!