Chicken and rice make a great combination. The juicy chicken and grainy rice is divine. I think any kind of rice is great, basmati, long grain, brown- yes brown. It has a great nutty taste and it is really filling.

However, there are downsides to rice:

1) It is SEVERELY constipating. If you eat a good amount of rice, it is imperative to drink a very good amount of water. Rice is not easy to digest, and it adds bulk to faeces but it is also is very absorbent and can absorb too much water that is found in your large colon, so it is important to help it along.

2) Due to the surface area of rice, when it is rewarmed it is a death trap. It attracts a lot of bacteria extremely rapidly and if ingested can make you violently ill. Always eat your rice freshly boiled, or if you want to eat rice salad, make sure to cover the bowl or else use an air-tight container and eat it cold.

Rice pilaff rules. It is spicy and tasty and definitely worth a try. Its one of those rice dishes where you cook all the ingredients from their raw state, that is, you do not simply add cooked rice at the end, but you kind of let it stew with the meat and spices.

Its great. The colour is lovely too, like sunshine on a rainy day 🙂