I love vegetables, I really do. Getting my five-a-day is absolutely no problem whatsoever. Now fruit is a different matter entirely. I sincerely hate fruit. Anybody who tells you to have a fruit instead of a chocolate if you are trying to cut down on sweets is an arse in my books. For example, which is the worst Quality street one finds in the box? Its the bloody strawberry flavoured one. Or in a Cadbury milk tray? The orange slice and the strawberry one is always left behind. Just no. Fruit is the pits. Literally. Figuritively. And if any health nut out there tells me that fruit is SOOO healthy, I have some news for you- bananas have the same calorific value as a snack sized dairy milk, watermelon is just water and sugar and a diabetic’s nightmare and if you tell me that oranges are a great source of vitamin C, I will tell you that you need to eat a ridiculous load of oranges to get your daily dose and you are better off swallowing a vitamin pill. The only really healthy fruit out there are apples. At about 60 calories per one and a very low sugar content on comparison to other fruit, it is a good option. But I still prefer an Aero mint bar. Chances are I will be a diabetic later on in life, so I am enjoying now before I encounter the inevitable.

My favourite vegetable would have to be carrots. Strangely enough, these too have a high sugar content, but its their natural sweetness that gives them appeal. They are very rich in vitamin A. Just do not eat too many of them or give your kids too many, because their skin will turn orange. That is completely true, by the way and since most jarred baby foods are full of strained carrots, many babies have a subtle orange glow to them. No kidding.

Well, here you are, some roasted carrots everyone.