Over the Christmas holidays, my parent’s went to South America, Chile to be exact and they brought me back these very cool pizza plates. I had not planned on another pizza post, as I have blogged about pizza here  and also here . But these plates are definitely worth a post.

I really love nifty kitchen objects. I have quite a few. Some time when I have not cooked anything worthy of posting, I will definitely photograph all my funny cooking stuff and put them on display.

I got the inspiration to make pizza today, apart from wanting to test out my cool crockery, from my skin. I do not know what the hell has happened, but I am absolutely covered with acne. I am a veteran acne sufferer, as a teen I probably had one of the worst cases in my entire school and some of the kinder girls would call me pizza face. The others would just straight up call me ugly. Or pour juice on my homework. The good old days, yes? Ah well, I guess its all due to thesis stress and other things. At least the bulk of it is not on my face, but on my chest and back. Thank God its January and I can wear a poloneck.

Well, here is a blotchy thing which is most definitely better looking than acne. And better tasting, I’m sure.