I think the bad rep carbs get is utter bull. They form a major food category and everyone needs a bit of everything, even fats and sugars.

Ofcourse, there is no need to overdo it. One does not need to eat an entire pot of pasta to be satisfied. Everything in moderation is just fine, I think. And if you want to gain some nutrients from it, just use wholemeal or brown varieties, they taste pretty much the same. I really love spaghetti, I love twirling it up on my fork, with my spoon at the base and popping it in my mouth and chewing it slowly. Tagliatelle are great too. Even Bavette. Do you know what I hate, however? One of my pet peeves? People who do not use their spoon when eating this kind of pasta. They are simply ruining the ritual of the whole thing…or worse still, people who break up their spaghetti/bavette/tagliatelle with their fork into itty bitty pieces before eating it. Aaaaaaaargh! It makes me see red. If one does not want spaghetti, one should not cook/order spaghetti. Have penne or farfalle or some other kind of short pasta. When I see someone do this in a restaurant, I want to jump out of my seat, grab him and use his spaghetti as a noose! Only this is not possible because the bastard would have cut the stuff into oblivion!

Anyway, what is spaghetti bersagliere, one may ask. It is basically some onions cooked in olive oil, salami and crushed tomatoes with some diced provolone, thrown in right before it is ready to be served. It is quite easy and quite tasty.

Absolutely carbtastic.