Before anyone asks, no, I have not turned 25…that happened almost 2 years ago. However, another important entity turned a quarter of a century old and that is….the endoscopy unit, where I work. So today we had a little get together with a few ghosts of endoscopy’s past. Lots of people wore suits, and they all had serious faces and gave very serious handshakes and used very serious voices.

It was rather hilarious. It is true, endoscopy is serious business, it is the future of surgery and thanks to it, many procedures can be done without opening anybody up. But at the same time, when you think about it literally, a big part of what we do all day is shove things up people’s butts. And that is funny. It is funny that stuffing a camera up someone’s butt is extremely serious business. It really is- both funny and serious. It is funny that I have seen more rear-ends up close and personal than I have had hot meals. Yet it is serious when I comfort them before the procedure is done, easing the minds of those who are scared of anaesthesia, of the result and of the unknown…of basically giving up their body for a little while of their life – and THAT is NOT funny AT ALL. My worst nightmare is ever needing a procedure myself- any procedure- and I know these hospital people. I see them more than my family. I know intimate details of their lives, their trials and tribulations and they are my friends and I hold them dear in my heart. And I am still petrified. So I can just imagine how others must feel.

And for some perverse reason, this made me feel like cooking hot dogs today. Because they are tasty and comforting. They are not some challenging gourmet meal, but they make you feel good after a long day. Grill them for a smokey taste, add some cooked onions and ketchup and mayo and maybe add a few crisps and its done. Ofcourse, a soft and fresh bun is a necessity. All in all, a fun thing to eat. Puts a smile on a lot of people’s faces.

As I will for you if you ever come under my wing…or on my stretcher.