I rarely have time to have a great breakfast. Unless I am on holiday. I love a good holiday breakfast with all the trimmings. It makes you feel alive.

This morning I didn’t have to go to that jungle I call hospital and I was able to have a nice breakfast of tea and cheese on toast. It is a fantastic combination. I like to eat and drink near the computer while reading everyone’s facebook statuses, possibly updating my own. Ofcourse I will still be in my pyjamas, which is a luxury you can’t really enjoy on holiday. Nobody turns up at the breakfast room of any hotel in their pjs, dressing gown and slippers while choosing from the buffet. Its a pity though.

What I also love about a good breakfast is that I find that when I do consume one, I will not be hungry again until three in the afternoon, which is very convenient.

Even though it is my day off, I still have a million little un-related to work stuff to do so I had better get cracking.

Have a nice day all!

(by the way, this is not the breakfast I had, but I thought this picture was attractive!)