I made many goodies over Christmas, especially on the day, but I was so busy serving and entertaining guests that I didn’t really have time to take a picture of any of it. So you are all going to simply have to take my word for it 🙂

There were a few moments of near disaster however. I made a stuffed pork loin and I cooked it perfectly. It was fantastically moist and tasty. However, when I took it out of the oven and cut it open, it looked neon pink inside. I panicked. I started imagining tapeworms gliding down everyone’s mesentery singing ‘Jingle bells, a colon smells, watch as we invade! We will make you very ill and poop your night away! Hey!’

But it was not the case. The fact of the matter was that I filled the pork with arrosto ham and bacon, which have a good amount of food colouring in them and the colouring bled into the meat. Everyone ate, drank and was merry and none of them were sick, thank God. I even gave left overs to my brother and sister and all was well.

This holiday season was full of sweets…we received loads of chocolates and biscuits. And ofcourse we ate them all. So now I am looking up detox diets.

Happy New Year all!