Now this is a true dilemma. We are going to be 6 people for xmas lunch and I really want everyone to have a fantastic and hearty meal without leaving them as stuffed as the michelin man.

So I was thinking of a pasta starter, two meats as main with veg and potatoes and a chocolate gateaux for dessert.

As for the pasta, I am going to make a family favourite, penne with ham. I still remember the first time my dad made it and I was hooked. He got the recipe from a book he picked up in a second hand store in Canada in the 70s, and we have used it so much that the cover fell off and pages were falling out and it is also stained with various sauces. A few years back we took it to a guy who fixes old books and we told him to guard it with his life and he made it hardback for us and it is almost as good as new. Except for the food stains. But that gives the book character. 

When I was twelve, I decided to make it myself and it is always a winner, hands down. It is rich and tasty and believe it or not, quite festive.

As for the mains, I will surely make a fantastic roast chicken…yes chicken, not turkey. Turkey is over-rated. Not to mention, I never cooked a turkey before and I really hate to experiment on guests. As for the other meat, I will make a stuffed loin of pork with apple sauce as a condiment. Yum yum.

As for veg, I will probably make potatoes dauphinoise, which is a creamy and garlic oven baked potato dish and maybe some steamed brussel sprouts with bacon bits and some roasted carrots and parsnips.

So its finally decided. Now I have to come up with a workplan so everything will be served at the right temperature. I also want to borrow my dad’s electric carving knife and practice using it a bit.

That is that. It is decided. Now I have to find a day off to buy everything. While everybody is out christmas shopping, I will be too…for food! Ah well. Feed the world, yes? Or just my family.