My father turns 60 this Wednesday, and if there is one thing my dad loves to do, its eat. I therefore made him a great sunday lunch with a curried zucchini soup as a starter, spinach and chicken curry with cardamom rice and for dessert, a huge fruit salad with whipped cream.

Everything was pretty good. I love a good soup. It should be hearty but not too filling and it has to be tasty, otherwise it is as if you are eating baby food. A good blender is a must and seasoning the vegetables prior to blending is so important. I garnished the soup with some Greek yoghurt to give it a nice creamy texture and a slightly tangy taste. The real trick is, however, to use half the volume of stock to the weight of vegetables. For example, if you use 900g zucchini, be sure to use 450ml stock. The consistency will be perfect. And always taste everything every step of the way. Its not like when you make a cake- making a cake involves prinicpals of chemistry and physics, which are exact sciences. Making a soup involves the use of natural ingredients, made through biological processes and biology is not an exact science and believe it or not, not all zucchinis are the same.

As for the main course, the chicken was very tasty and absorbed the flavours of the spices well. I tried a new butcher close by where my parents live and he has excellent produce.

 I know a fruit salad may seem a little lazy, but making dessert for a diabetic does not leave many options. You even have to be careful what kind of fruit you use, because watermelon is full of sugar.

Unfortunately, I do not have pictures of everything because I was so busy serving and making sure everything was at just the right temperature that I completely forgot about the camera! But I still managed to take a few 🙂