To me, food is a great way to celebrate. A great home-cooked meal brings people together, induces conversation and gives everyone present something in common for at least a little while- they are all eating the same thing cooked by one person- in this case, me! I know this may sound weird, but it makes me feel really powerful and important.

The two big events are my dad’s birthday and christmas day, with the possibility of a christmas tea in between.

My dad’s birthday is going to be a right challenge due to the diabetes factor. He is turning 60 and it is quite an event. I asked him what he wanted for his bday. First he said a nappy, because he is old and it would be convenient as he would be able to go in public. He would not need to rush to the toilet ever again. I told him that a nappy is not usually odour-proof. He just smiled. Then he said he wants a Whopper meal. Needless to say, I will not give him any of those things. My younger sister suggested to perhaps remove the bread of the Whopper, leaving dear dad with a slice of meat, cheese and lettuce. Hilarious.

Christmas is a different story. I want to make a HUGE Christmas dinner. I actually took leave to go food shopping. While everyone else will be in a department store looking for presents, I will be in grocery stores across the island looking for the perfect produce. I will buy all my Christmas presents online, unless I am asked for something really specific that I won’t find unless I personally go get it.

Christmas, New Year and Valentine’s day is often known as the misery trimester… well, not in my kitchen 🙂 Let the fun begin! (Oh, and you may need trousers with an elasticated waist-band.)