Potatoes are a wonderful accompaniment to many dishes and they are so versatile… mashed, baked in their jackets, roasted with a great cut of meat, potato salad, curried, boiled with some olive oil…the list is endless.

The funny thing about roast potatoes is that every household seems to make them differently. My dad makes them with salt, pepper and mint. My grandma used to par-boil and then roast. My mother in law makes them with onions. All excellent variations.

Believe it or not, even with all these variations available to inspire me, I never attempted to make roast potatoes. Firstly, with the beginnings of arthritis in my hands, peeling them is a pain. Secondly, I never quite appreciated their appeal.

Yet lately I took the bull by the horns (or should I say spud by the skin?) and decided to come up with my own variation. Firstly, I did not remove the skin. I gave them a very thorough scrub and then quartered them. I put them in a roasting dish, drizzled some olive oil and added some crushed garlic and tossed them in it. I added some fresh rosemary and thyme from my herb patch, seasoned with salt and pepper and into the oven, fan assisted 200. After 30mins, I took the dish out of the oven, tossed them again, seasoned again and put them in for another 30mins.

And they turned out pretty darn good.