As a kid growing up in Canada, Kraft’s macaroni and cheese was pretty much a staple part of my nutrition. I loved the stuff. It’s really yummy and cheesy, and bright orange. Ok, really and truly it looks a little like a nuclear disaster…but the taste was there. Apart from that, as a kid I was a really picky eater and macaroni and cheese gave me comfort as I knew I liked it and I would not be accused of wasting or get reminded of the starving children in Africa…whenever someone would tell me that, that there were starving children in Africa/China I used to offer my untouched food to them, possibly sending it by post, at which adults would laugh and say ‘how sweet!’. Idiots. The fact of the matter is, it is not entirely unfeasible to send packets of mac and cheese across the globe because that is precisely what it is: a packet. There is nothing imminently perishable in that box. Provided the water available at the destination is not riddled with malaria…however it is going to be boiled…hmmm….

In any case, I decided to make my own, using rigatoni, cheddar cheese and fresh cream and an egg. I made my own bread crumbs by whizzing some bread in my food processor, frying them and sprinkling them on top and chucking the whole thing in the oven, for about 20 mins at 200 fan assisted. If you like you can add bacon and onion or different cheeses.

It tasted good. And even though this was way more authentic than what you may get out of a packet, it did take me back to those packaged mac and cheese days when life was simpler and my only worry was when I would get my next mac and cheese fix. Ah well. Here you have it folks, mac and cheese.