Its been a quite rough for me lately, I have been ill and could not really eat due to abdominal pain. Thank God I am better now and back in the kitchen with my latest confection: coffee cake.

I know there is a kind of coffee cake made with biscuits and cream that you do not actually bake. This is not it.

First I made a rich chocolate sponge cake, using the usual sponge method but substituting some cocoa for flour. When it was ready and completely cool, I made the filling, which is where the coffee part came in.

I mixed 2 teaspoons of instant coffee with 1/4 cup boiling water, let it cool and mixed it with 2 tins of nestle cream. I slathered the cream in the middle and on top of the cakes and grated some milk chocolate on the top.

And voila’! Coffee cake it born. Or cafe’ mocha cake, call it what you will.