I guess you are expecting some weird and lavish dish involving chicken livers from the south of France soaked in brandy or something. No, not at all. It is not even particularly original. But my dad makes it extremely well. And my husband calls my dad papa’ Louis. It is completely diabetic friendly and quite tasty.

So what is it already?

Well, it basically consists of filleted chicken breast marinated in olive oil, lemon juice, garlic and oregano and then grilled. That is it. Super simple. My dad makes great diabetic friendly meals as both he and my mother are diabetics. For those who do not know what that is, it basically means that they can not digest sugar because their pancreas does not make enough of the hormone insulin which is responsible for precisely that. Therefore, they need to take insulin tablets or injections. It is VERY hereditary so I am constantly checking my blood or urine for it. It is not only sweets that they can’t eat but most processed carbohydrates like white bread and pasta.

So this chicken and a Greek salad is perfect for them. Since my hubby and I are not diabetics (yet!) I made mine with couscous salad and I added a few potato chips and a little pitta bread with poppy seeds.