As I have mentioned in past posts, I have a little herb garden growing and I really wanted to make a very herbaceous dish without it being too overpowering, without it tasting as if you were a cow actually grazing my herb patch. So I bought a book on how to use herbs and was well inspired to make a great pasta dish.

Yes, pasta with tomato sauce is pretty hunky dory. I don’t really know a soul who raves about it. But the one I produced was rather good. I first cooked 2 crushed garlic cloves in some olive oil and blended some tomatoes in a food processor, sieved them and added them to the pan ( a bottle of passata is fine too). Then comes the herby bit- I gathered some bay leaves, purple basil and thai basil and 2 sprigs of thyme from my herb patch, washed them thoroughly and tied them together with a string. I then put the bundle in the bubbling sauce and let it simmer for 15mins. In the meantime, I boiled up some Bavette in salted water, drained them out and stirred in a little olive oil and some chopped up rocket (also from my little patch) and then added my sauce. A little parmegiano and it was delicious. The whole house had a smell of herbs. Lovely. Seriously. (Picture me with a wan smile).