I do like myself some vegetables, yes indeed. And they are fantastic in couscous. I remember I had a friend with a cat named couscous…I think he was orange…their other cats were mushroom and nacho if i remember correctly…all foods I like…but do not worry I am not into eating cats. Bleurgh.

Anyway, I make my couscous like this:

Chop up some chicken into cubes, fry in a tiny bit of olive oil in a large non-stick pan, add some onions, green pepper and courgettes. Either add a fresh green chili or a teaspoon of chili sauce as well as 1/2 a teaspoon of cumin, tumeric, cinnamon, paprika and coriander. Also add 2/3 cup of sultanas.

Add some chickpeas and some halved cherry tomatoes. Make some couscous by boiling some water and adding couscous for 1 and a half minutes, or else according to brand instructions and add to the pan. Give it a good mix and serve.