Chicken tikka masala is not Indian. It originated in Glasgow. The paste is actually exported from the UK  to India. Seriously.

That does not mean it is not good. It is very tasty and spicy and yummy. But a bit of a pain in the rear to make if you want to make it properly. First and foremost, the chicken must be marinated for at least 3 hours to soak up the flavours. And it should be first grilled on skewers and then added to your sauce. I burnt my hands so many times making this dish that I have lost all feeling in my fingers. Also, the fresh green chili I used, although de-seeded and everything must of come straight from Hell, because I am certain that no peace-loving and merciful God could produce something so violently hot. I am not kidding. Its interesting how there is the word ‘ice’ in ‘spice’ because I really needed some after using this chili. I could hardly de-seed it without coughing and sputtering. Anyway, this is the outcome:

 Yeah, I know it looks a little like baby diarrhoea. But it definitely tasted good. I probably won’t ever make it again.