Cardamom pods are fantastic. They have such a wonderful little smell and taste. If there was such thing as cardamom perfume, I would wear it. I was thinking of putting little hooks in cardamom pods and wearing them as ear rings, but I suppose that would be mad…not that it bothers me, but anyway.

So cardamom rice is simple to make.

 I always say dishes are simple to make, I sincerely believe it is true. If you are a non-cook, just grab a recipe and try something out. If it turns out wrong, who cares!? You can only learn by doing when it comes to practical things like cooking or building or painting or even nursing. I have a formula to learning how to do practical things and it is fool proof, lets use cooking as an example: First read, read and read. Find out all there is to know about what you are about to do, read all steps in a recipe before you start to cook, make sure you understand what each ingredient is for and what it is all about. Secondly, try and watch someone do what you intend to do, look up videos on the internet, watch cooking shows, look at step-by-step pictures in magazines or ask friends or families. I grew up watching my dad cook and I learnt so much from it. Thirdly, attempt to make the dish under the supervision of someone who knows what they are doing, just so you don’t burn the house down or give anyone food poisoning. Then attempt it all by yourself, and it will be perfect, you will see.

Now, how to make cardamom rice:

Melt some butter in a pan, add crushed cardamom pods and a teacup full of uncooked rice. Stir it all in over a high flame for about a minute, then add 2 teacups of water. Bring to the boil, lower the heat and cover it for 15mins or until the water evaporates. This makes enough for two.

Put any curry you want on top.