I really do not want to throw away any pears that came from my tree.  So I made a pear sponge. It is not at all difficult, just make regular sponge by creaming butter and sugar together and whisking in some eggs, fold in some sifted flour and baking powder and after spooning it into a baking tin, place some sliced pears on the top of the mixture and bake for 1hr.

some tips:

  •  when making a sponge, always sift the flour to make the cake light and fluffy.
  • if using a fan assisted oven, time 45mins, not 1 hr
  • do not use very ripe pears, they ripen in the oven.
  • sprinkle some sugar on the pears before putting the whole thing in the oven, it gets the pears’ juices going.

Dust some sifted icing sugar on the top when its done and cooled and serve with some whipped cream or vanilla ice-cream.