I officially do not want to look at pizza ever again.

My brother had this idea to order a large amount of pizzas and gorge on them while watching episodes of Scrubs. I told him we can do it at my house for his birthday. However, his birthday is in November and he wanted the pizza sooner than that, so I held a little pizza party yesterday and made the pizza myself.

I thought I would just make 3 pizzas, but it turned out I had a tonne of dough, so I made 5. So I had to get pretty creative.

Pizza 1= I made a small pizza with tomato sauce and grated Old Amsterdam cheese. It had a great smokey yet tangy taste.

Pizza 2= A plain base with a little olive oil, a little grated mozzarella and in the oven it went. When it was done, I chopped up some cherry tomatoes, some basil from my back-yard and some mozzarella di bufala and put it on top.

Pizza 3= A regular Margherita, no frills

Pizza 4= with spicy tomato sauce and spicy salami and onions

Pizza 5= Tomato sauce, gammon and some rocket leaves, also from my herb garden with a sprinkle of both mozzarella and parmesan.

Its odd, but I actually have left-overs. I thought that would not be a problem since my brother is a bit of a Monsieur Mange-toutes and he can really pack it in. So if anyone wants a piece, send me a text and I will preheat the oven heh heh!

We named it the gross out party because my bro wanted us all to eat the pizza in a disgusting piggish way, getting our faces dirty and our hands greasy. But that did not actually happen, it was quite civilised.

and the best part of the evening: