I never really have food cravings. Yet pizza is my exception. There are days when I just want some good, tasty, cheesey pizza.

Unfortunately, at many restaurants they are mass-produced. Sometimes even a little tasteless. Or so freaking hot that I burnt the oral mucosa behind my two front teeth and THAT is super annoying. I hate burning my mouth. I once actually burnt my throat by tasting pasta to check if it was done…yeah, it was stupid but I was probably thinking about something else and did not even realise what I was doing. Anyway, the damn burn got severely infected and it was positively grotesque to look at, it was all blistery on the back of my throat. My younger sister was so enthralled by this odd malady that she kept running after me with a torch and her mobile to be able to get a picture of it. Bleurgh. Weird kid.

Therefore, pizza at home while watching movies in my pyjamas with my hubby and cat.  Yum!