I like making cupcakes. I am not too bad at it, but I have a lot to learn in the decorating department. I am rubbish with a piping bag. Really, really terrible. I heard it takes practice, but I simply do not have time to practice. When I was at school, I used to really concentrate on skills such as making shortcrust pastry, whisking and folding-in method to make sponge cake, making yeast dough and other technical basics to impress during exams. I really wish I had perfected my dessert making skills, and more-so, my decorating skills so perhaps I would not produce cupcakes that look like a smurf (in Italian Puffi) took a dump on them.

Not to mention, it must have been a Smurf on a diet of nothing but condensed milk, as the icing turned out so sweet that it made me cough after a single bite.

Papa Smurf, next time you have the runs, do not void all over my confections.