I love to cook for my husband. I know what he likes and he is a bit of a picky eater- he doesn’t like mushrooms, tomatoes, most vegetables unless they are well disguised, blue cheese, fish and i think there may be others but I can’t think of them right now.

However, a dish he loves is Cannelloni. I had never attempted to make this dish because it is rather fiddly and time really and truly is never on my side, but I had a day off so what the hell, sleep when you’re dead.

So I cooked some onions, garlic, minced pork and minced beef in a tiny amount of olive oil. But it would also taste fab with ricotta and spinach.  In a separate pan I made some Besciamel using the roux method and mixed it with chopped tomatoes and 1 tbsp tomato paste.

So far so good. Then came the tricky bit- filling the pasta tubes. I grabbed half a handful of meat, screamed and put it back in the pan. I kind of forgot to let it cool first. Oh well. After twenty minutes I tried again. I stuffed the meat into the tube and I got a little overzealous with the packing and pushed it out of the other side and on the countertop. AAAAAARRRGH!!!!! I was about to use the cannellono as a handgrenade, but I hate giving up and I had promised my hubby that he would find them when he got back from work and I really didn’t want to disappoint him.

Therefore: deep breath. Begin again.

And with time and patience, I managed. That being said, I do not think I will ever make these again.

(For the record, though it didn’t occur to me at the time, a great way of filling cannelloni is with….drumroll please…a piping bag! Yep. I have ricotta for brains.)