Have you ever seen that Dexter Laboratory episode where Dexter becomes famous by answering ‘Omelette du Fromage’ to any question ever posed to him? Well, it is positively fantastic and watching it is a must.

If you can’t watch it or don’t want to, you can eat it…it isn’t all that hard to make. However, making it look pretty is a little tricky. First you mix some eggs (2 per person) with a some cream (1 tablespoon per 2 eggs) and pour the mixture into a hot non-stick pan. Let it sit for a few seconds and slowly and gently push the sides of the omelette away from the sides of the pan and let the liquid in the middle of the omelette spill over the sides and underneath and let sit for a few seconds and repeat until the omelette is semi-cooked. Put cheese in the middle and fold it over to make a half-moon shape and there you have it! Omelette du Fromage!

Please don’t eat this if you are on cholesterol medication or if your cholesterol level is over 6…the nurse in me will never rest.