I am currently reading for my masters in Bioethics. The assignments are long and laborious and require tremendous amounts of research because a lot of it consists of knowing laws in different countries regarding health care, which are very dynamic. Therefore I often hit very frustrating dead ends.

On one such occasion, I was writing an epic paper and I hit one of these nasty dead ends. Instead of bashing my computer against the wall, I decided to make some chocolate chip cookies.

I open up my cupboard and to my surprise I had everything to make them except muscovado sugar and unfortunately the chocolate chips. Damn damn damn. Well, instead of muscovado sugar, I decided to wing it with light brown sugar. But you can’t really wing chocolate with anything so I was truly stumped.

Until a little box in the corner of the kitchen caught my eye. My brother had just been to France and bought me a box of assorted Lindt chocolates. I chopped them all up and used them as chocolate chips.

Yes, what I did was a tremendous sin. Using such sophisticated chocolate in cookies is kind of blasphemous. But I was so incredibly bored and my sweet tooth was knocking very persistently so whatever. I will offer a few to Satan when I go to hell for it.

So I got mixture ready and the recipe said to keep each cookie dollop about 2 inches apart. I did just that and put them in the oven.

I guess I can’t measure because I ended up with one enormous cookie as the dough all merged together. ARGH. Ah well. I managed to salvage them by separating them with a spatula. After all, I have never been a fan of tradition and having squarish-roundish-hexagonal cookies is not a crime against humanity. They tasted quite alright too.

In another life I will take some to Lucifer’s tea party.