Today was simply an annoying day…one of those days where simply everyone whines and complains about petty things that don’t interest me anyway.

What was super annoying was the fact that I didn’t defrost anything and was totally inspiration-less about what to make for dinner. I have been working pretty much non-stop, I usually do my meal planning on my days off, but no such luck this week. I was going to reach for a jar of ready-made red pesto (shame on me!) and some spaghetti when the cullinary Gods gave me some divine inspiration, and hence tortellini with creamy tomato sauce, shallots, garlic and parsley was born.

I basically just sweated off some shallots in olive oil with some crushed garlic cloves, added some chopped tomatoes, salt and pepper and some cream. Then I added some fresh parsley and voila’! My dish was done. And the hubby loved it.

Just a little side note on the appreciation of parsley- when fresh, it is actually a fine little herb- really flavourful and adds a little texture and crunch…I am hoping to manage to grow some myself at some point. I have quite the thriving little herb garden already.